Our Philosophy

Our office philosophy since 1978 is to provide our patients with the highest quality care, while taking into consideration each individuals particular concerns and wishes. Together with our patients we develop a custom tailored plan to fit each patients needs. We, Dr. Gottfried and Dr. Mann, have committed a significant amount of time and money to taking much more than the minimum required amount of Continuing Education each year so that we stay current on the cutting edge of technology in dentistry and grow a deeper understanding of our profession to better serve our patients. Our practice is special in that we accept patients from all walks in life. We strive to treat every person who walks into our door with the same warm friendliness and professional care we are known for regardless of who they are and what type of care they are seeking. We have the ability to provide our patients with all the latest and greatest in dentistry like Cerec crowns, Lumineers, Invisilign, Six Month Smiles, Laser Dentistry, Mini Implants, Snap on Smiles and more…but we have found that they are not particularly the answer for every case every time. We have teamed up with our hygiene staff to provide our patients with top notch preventative care, focusing on training our patients how to care for their teeth and giving them the skill set and tools to prevent dental disease. We do a considerable amount of cosmetics in our practice, but we practice what we like to call “Cosmetics with a Conscience.” While we provide all cosmetic services needed and requested, we have a particular interest in being conservative in our techniques. Often cosmetic goals can be achieved without damaging the natural tooth with a bur. Whenever this is possible, we believe that this has the least amount of negative impact on the health of the teeth. Some examples of treatments that can help you achieve your cosmetic goals but are considered minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry are whitening, orthodontics, and direct bonding. Contact our office to begin a conversation about your dental care.