Your First Visit

Please arrive to your first visit 15 minutes early and be prepared to complete all insurance and health history information forms that will allow us to begin your dental treatment. We will ask you to fill out several forms that will get you acquainted with our office.

Your initial exam will last approximately one hour. We take dental radiographs as needed, measure the pockets around your teeth to determine what type of cleaning you will need, and take photographs of your smile. Oral hygiene instructions will be provided along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth. We will provide a complete evaluation that will outline your existing dental problems and proposed treatment. We usually do not offer cleanings on your first visit because Dr. Gottfried and Dr. Mann like to thoroughly evaluate each patients specific needs before scheduling an appointment with the dental hygienist.

If you would like to fill out the New Patient form before your appointment here is a link to a printable PDF:

Online Patient Forms